"Ultrasonic Osteotomy Surgical System" use electrostrictive technology to realize the conversion of electrical and mechanical energy. Bone tissue is destroyed by the acceleration of hundreds of thousands of mechanical vibrations per second, soft tissue is spared due to the small amplitude of cutting tip.


More effective
There are multiple configurations to choose from, supporting open surgery, MED and minimally invasive surgery under endoscope.

Smaller amplitude combined with more than ten types of "blunt cutting tip" can effectively protect the dura mater, nerve root and other soft tissue.

The operating frequency of the equipment is 39KHz, far higher than the auditory response range of human ears (20Hz~20KHz), which creates a quiet operating atmosphere and protects the hearing of surgeons and patients.

More protection
The shock protection grade is class I BF type, the higher grade ensures that doctors and patients are protected from accidental injury during operation.

Widely used
Has achieved the CHINA NMPA, the CE and the FDA certification, serves hundreds of well-known hospitals in China and EUROPE, and supports the innovation of various safe, efficient and minimally invasive surgical methods.


Spine Surgery



Subtotal corpectomy

Spinal tumor resection

Orthopedic spine osteotomy

Endoscopic interbody fusion

Minimally invasive percutaneous endoscopic spine surgery

More spine surgery


Suboccipital craniotomy

Zygomatic orbital craniotomy

Intraspinal tumor resection

Acoustic neuroma resection

More neurosurgery

Hand and Foot Surgery

Revision joint prosthesis  

Hallux valgus osteotomy orthopedics

Artificial joint replacement

More hand and foot surgery

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